Dallas Fashion Consultant posts The Rocky Report II

Me Riding Shotgun.

Hi folks, it’s me, Rocky the Rat Terrier. It’s great to be back to have another chance to share my vast life experience. I had a short stay in the Dog House but it was all a misunderstanding and everything is OK now. There was a gopher under those flowers, I swear there was.

I have spent a lot of time riding in cars over the years and I have some very important responsibilities over on the passenger side. I hang out of the window, check myself for fleas, hang out of the window, take a nap and hang out of the window. Doing this I’ve noticed that people sometimes leave their manners at home when they’re driving. They become  “Aggressive Drivers.”

Cute but not funny.
This guy is in real trouble.

I’ve learned that aggressive, discourteous and distracted drivers are a major cause of auto and auto/pedestrian accidents. People should remember that an automobile is a dangerous thing, not only to people but to us animals. I’ve told my cousin Butch to look both ways before crossing the road or he’ll be the third vase on the second row at the Pet Cemetery.

A human has one major responsibility while driving and that’s to ensure that their passengers, the people around them and they themselves all get where they are going in one piece. Don’t forget us four-legged people either, both large and small. If you see an animal near the road-side slow down because we don’t always see or hear you.

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid being an aggressive or careless driver.

  • Be sure to leave on time and allow yourself an arrival window if anything goes wrong. Being in a hurry is the cause of most aggressive driving.
  • If you’re eating, reading, or texting while driving  I get really nervous and then I leak.
  • If the kids in the back need extra attention stop the car and resolve the issue. I’ve noticed sometimes they leak.
  • I never sit in my drivers lap and I’m very happy on my own side of the car or in the back seat.
  • Never escalate a bad incident with another driver.  If it’s really serious, call 9-1-1. That’s what 9-1-1 is for.

Most people are aware of these simple guidelines but seem to forget them at times. I hope this little reminder will help someone save a life. Who knows, it could be mine! I hope to speak with everyone again but right now I have to go so here’s my friend, Julie. Hey, there’s something moving under those flowers right over there…

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