Have you ever considered sponsoring a Fashion Show as a client building, appreciation, or retention program?
  • to provide your company with a showcase that is up-scale and unique;
  • entertain your clients, prospective clients, and vendors in a fun environment;
  • something that your competition is not doing; and,
  • create a memorable event that clients can share and look forward to

We have the expertise you need to make your Fashion Show a successful event. We have models and vendors who can be brought together. These are a combination of professional and semi-professional models, quality clothing designers, and vendors who we know can be relied upon. We also have a list of available venues to select from.

Give Julie a call at 214-223-2200 to discuss how affordable putting on your own Fashion Show can be.

“Julie stepped up to the plate and choreographed the Earth Day Dallas 2011 EPA-sponsored Recycled Fashion Show with tact, professionalism, and eye for detail. Her sense of style and fashion resulted in a memorable and extraordinary fashion show at the AT&T Performing Arts Center Annette Strauss Square in the heart of the Dallas Arts District.”  Tajana Mesic