Dare To Be A Difference Maker Volume 3

is filled with a unique collection of stories from inspired leaders
who are making a difference every day

This third volume of the Dare To Be A Difference Maker series is a unique collection of stories, not only from inspired leaders, but also from those who are making a difference and impacting others in their everyday personal and professional lives. These stories are about real people who are making a real difference even on a small scale.

Julie’s Life In The Foggy Lane focuses on the timeless story of Joseph (as told in Genesis 37-45) and how his adventure down the foggy lane shaped him into the world leader God designed him to be. What lessons have shaped you into the leader God has designed you to be? Be inspired to be grateful for the lessons, forgive, and allow true humility to design a legacy of blessing.

Additional Chapter Topics Include:

  • Overcoming Negative Beliefs
  • Finding Passion/Life Purpose
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Goals
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Life Balance
  • Financial Peace & Happiness
  • Wellness – Mind, Body & Soul
  • Faith

Soft Cover Book
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I, too, was taught the story of Joseph as a young child.  Joseph and his coat of many colors.  Loved by his father.  Hated by his brothers.  Chosen for a divine purpose – to save the lives of the chosen family of God where the salvation of mankind and re-unification with God would be fulfilled through His Son, Jesus Christ.

But Julie’s insight into the Joseph story, especially at this point of my life, reminded me that there’s much more to his story that I had forgotten and it gave me great hope.  She reminded me that all God requires of us are belief and trust.  While the trials and tribulations in my life have felt overwhelming and I have faltered in my trust, God is faithful even when I am not.  He loves me even when I cannot love myself and, not from a place where I have to earn it, but from a place of true unconditional love.  Even the worst times in my life, accepted in trust, are for my growth and His glory.

By going on the 30-day ‘Joseph Journey’, I am reminded on a daily basis of God’s great grace even when I feel like a ‘prisoner’ to the world.  And because He has shown me the example of His great love for us, I can now fully love others and myself.

Thank you, Julie, for reminding me and giving me hope again. Ellen M.