What clients are saying…

about working with Julie

“Julie is a pleasure to work with. She has such a great reputation that I hired her to consult with my wife. My wife is thrilled to be able to work with an expert who understands not only fashion but also how each person looks in different colors. I have also had the pleasure to hear Julie speak on several occasions. She is a tremendous speaker and she is able to teach fashion and color with a killer sense of humor. I highly recommend her.”  Victor McCall

“Guys/gals, are you wondering if you have the wardrobe “game plan” to get you where you want to go personally and professionally? You need to hire “Coach” Julie Thurburn of Colour IQ to make sure you make a “winning” appearance every time you go out. Don’t take my word for it. Just meet with her and you will be glad you did.” Robert Sage, WP Enterprises

“I have seen Julie change people’s lives with her insight, not only with practical image advise but also by gently addressing issues like self esteem and negative self talk that can eat away at one’s self confidence. She helps them rebuild that from the outside in with velvet persistence (because sometimes we need that) and a warm heart. I have learned much from her.”  Susan Turner, Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics 

“Julie has a keen fashion sense and style interpretation that gives her counsel and guidance a very realistic approach to an individual’s personal appearance that will maximize a person’s positive visual first impression. Her enthusiasm and professionalism gives added impact to her work and make her a valuable resource for any individual or business.” Marc Jensen

“Julie… I truly enjoyed our time together. It was very beneficial to have my closet organized before Julie came so she could eliminate the wrong items quickly. Julie showed me that I was wearing the wrong season and since changing to the correct season, I have received more compliments about me, rather than the clothes I was wearing. Julie also pulled clothes that were according to my style, which I didn’t even know about. It was also very comfortable that Julie left me to choose the clothes that I would decide to buy and take home, so I didn’t feel pressured to buy more than I could afford at the time.”  Trisha T

“If you want success in the way you dress, call Julie today. Julie is an expert in style and will help you understand your personal style and how to put your best foot forward. I hired Julie to help me determine how to look my best in every situation…work, leisure, activities with my children. She took the time to get to know me, understand my needs (and budget) and she taught me how to choose clothing items that would be best for me. Since our initial meeting and shopping experience, I have received numerous compliments from friends, family and co-workers on how great and professional I look. From hair to heels, Julie’s suggestions and recommendations have been right on target. Hiring Julie was the best decision and investment I have made for myself. I even like shopping now…it’s actually fun. I highly recommend Julie Thurburn.” Jennifer Schmiel

“Julie uses creative solutions to teach her clients how to accentuate the positive, and be more confident. By hiring Julie I saved time as well as money. I’m no longer going to purchase the wrong styles or colors for my professional wardrobe. Julie is fabulous at assisting with closet organization which is one of the best results from our partnership. Everyone deserves to learn what looks best on them and which styles to avoid – I have recommended Julie to numerous colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Self-assured professionals understand that getting advice is smart! Julie’s advice is accurate and detailed, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.” Michelle Botzau

“Although I saw the value of proper attire – and have encouraged clients to follow the old adage: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” – I had no idea of the huge impact that colors make on this decision. Since my consultation with Julie, I have noticed my clothing truly enhancing my natural features – it gives a much more dramatic, consistent, and effective “presentation” that ties everything noticeably well together. People have actually made comments about my look, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Now that I am “aware” of how this works, people that are ‘off’ really stand out to me. Julie – advertise more!!!” David Mettler, owner, David Mettler & Associates

“Julie’s 6 Hours to Fabulous You program made me feel confident, centered, grounded and in alignment with my personal presentation in a way that I never truly identified before working with Julie. Her expertise is invaluable and I highly recommend this service.” 

“I’m glad we met. Out of all the coaches I’ve met in my life… You are different than all of them!” Joshua

“I would like to recommend Julie Thurburn as a personal coach for young ladies of all ages. She took time out of her busy schedule to meet with my Girl Scout troop. The girls range in age from 10-12 years. All had just entered middle school in the 6th grade. As many of you know, this can be a very scary and hard time for a young lady when she is moving from being a “little girl” to a “young lady”.
Julie was great with the girls. She worked with them as a group on their leadership skills, how they hold themselves and how the present themselves to others. The discussion went from how to speak to how to dress. Then she also took time to work with each young lady personally so they all had the attention they needed.
I had an email from one mom who said that her daughter ran back upstairs to address what she had on when she was headed out to see some past customers (who she sold cookies to) ! One of the girls told me she used what you taught her to help sell more cookies, and then this past week some of the girls sold Raffle tickets for Attitude and Attire Charity and helped raise over $870! The host of the event all said they were extremely surprised at they the girls acted and how they presented themselves.
Julie was great!!!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!”  Amy McElya

“First, Julie is amazing in her presentation and personality, she commands the attention of her audience beautifully.

Julie is a subject matter expert on business fashion and what will allow you to stand out on your first impression opportunity. With our group of C-Suite Executives, she was able to provide guidance for business owners, executives, as well as, job seekers to listen and learn from Julie’s presentations on style and how to strategize ones wardrobe for success in any endeavor. Julie is an expert on the psychology involved with dressing for success and her impact points in her presentation comes from real world experience rather than what she has read in a book.

Members of the our C-Suite group requested that she speak to their employees at future dates as she has a very impressive way that she trains individuals on the subject. Julie has my full endorsement and strongly suggest that other executives bring Julie in to address employees and other networks about the power of fashion.

And… …she delivers it with enough good humor that everyone gets involved – we had more audience participation with Julie than virtually any of our previous speakers… …and we have two speakers per month presenting to our group.”

Paul Whitley, C-Suite Support, Managing Member

“Julie Thurburn has shared her time and talents as a volunteer for Attitudes & Attire for several years. Our clients love her presentations on dressing for successful interviews, giving her rave reviews for her informative, fun, and empowering take on the power of dressing beautifully. Julie focuses on the importance of inner beauty and reflecting one’s positive image through dress. She is an incredible role-model in every way, and we are so very fortunate to have Julie on board as one of our great volunteers.  She does it all!  She speaks in our workshops, assist clients as a personal shopper in our boutique, and volunteers at our annual fashion show & luncheon every year.  Julie is a great example of what volunteering is all about.  Thank you, Julie, for all you do to make a positive difference in the lives of women and their families.”

Mary Pollinzi Brown
Program Director
Attitudes & Attire

“I have had the pleasure to hear Julie present on several occasions. She is truly an experienced resource in the field of “personal branding.” You are not only what you eat (as the old saying goes), but what you wear as well. Julie helps you make the “right statement” every time, whether you open your mouth or not. If you are looking for someone who is truly an engaging speaker with interesting and unique content, I can highly recommend Julie Thurburn to your and/or your group or company.”  Jeff McKissack, owner, Defense By Design

“I first had the pleasure of meeting Julie at a networking event. I was most impressed by her personal and professional style and was not at all surprised to learn her expertise included image consulting. She has been a big supporter of our Career Management Group of HR professionals in transition and has graciously donated her time and talents on several occasions. With warmth and pizazz, Julie advises her clients on how to achieve a style that fits their life as well as their personal and professional goals. I consider her a valued colleague and would highly recommend her.” Carole Agli

“Julie Thurburn is an engaging and entertaining speaker.  We have enjoyed having her speak with our group on two occasions and the information she brings is informative and entertaining.  We will invite her back to speak with our group again.” Brenda Jo Hornyak, ACSR, CISR, CPIW Insurance Professionals of North Texas (IWD Inc.)

“Julie Thurburn is that rare type of speaker who is not just fully in command of her subject but also makes the audience enjoy and participate in her presentations. Julie engages the audience with lots of anecdotes and tips and actively encourages the audience to ask questions and engage.  The audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We really appreciate Julie and her message and look forward to a repeat visit.” Jill Perry, Comerica

“Our Chamber has such a diverse membership ranging from large corporate environments to small business settings. Regardless of the nature of their business, our members have an interest in setting themselves apart from the competition by enhancing their self-image. We have been very fortunate to have Ms. Julie Thurburn from Colour IQ join us as our Fall Fashion Show choreographer in September… and as a Branch Out guest speaker this past December. Her expertise in professional image development has been essential in building self-confidence and in promoting business relationships. We look forward to working with Julie again in the future as we introduce this important topic to students involved in our Chamber programs!” Anne Acuna – Director, Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce 

“I was at the Coppell Women’s Club meeting. I SO enjoyed your presentation. I wish you would have been granted more time. I love listening to image consultants, because I always know I am going to learn. I always strive to look the best I can, and I am a woman who wants to hear what you have to say. This time I learned what certain colors say. You may have had this suggestion before, but you should write a book. I love anything on how I can present well, come across better etc. It was a joy to have you, and I hope to see you again soon. Would you be able to let me know where you will be if you have any speaking engagements coming up? I would like to attend.” Tracy D