Dallas Fashion Consultant posts Rocky’s Report

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Bartlett of Colour IQ, posts Rocky’s Report. Because sometimes we need a different perspective on fashion.

Hi there! My name is Rocky. Rocky White. I am an American Rat Terrier and have convinced the nice people at Colour IQ to post my perspective on fashion.  You see, over the years, I have developed a keen sense of fashion from walking the streets and seeing things from, well, you might say, a different perspective than yours. So, with one eye on the neighbor’s cat – he’s very sneaky – we’ll get right to it.

Keep in mind that for myself a bright red collar and a red sweater (on a cool day) is all I ever need…goes great with my basic animal print of black and white. However; people need to change their clothing daily along with the colors of their outfits. It is so boring to see my people friends with the same color of clothing every day.  The main thing, of course, is to make sure everything you wear is clean, crisp and nicely pressed. There’s nothing more confusing to me than a hundred different odors on a person’s clothes.  Really, just where all did you go yesterday?

Grooming is also very important.  For me a little brushing, a nail clip, a scratch in the right spot and I’m good to go. Hate that brushing the teeth thing.  People need more than that.  I know, I’ve watched them. I must say, I’m really amazed at all the things that go on in that little room. The bathing…the brushing…the combing…the spraying…the shaving. And that’s just the guys! Wow, it’s something to watch. But please do this for me. Don’t use too much cologne or perfume. Honestly, after a certain point I start wondering if a chemical truck has turned over somewhere nearby.

Oh, one last thing, because the cat is about to cross the street. Ladies, if your skirt is closer to your butt than your knee, it might be a bit much. Seriously, I was so traumatized by Britney Spears I’m still afraid to look up.

Hope you enjoyed my Rocky Report.  Maybe the good people of Colour IQ will invite me back –  I was sure to stay away from the tires in the parking lot.  Gotta go, here comes the cat!  If you want to read more, call the folks at Colour IQ!

As your Dallas Fashion Consultant, it is my mission to help my clients always look fabulous without being a slave to the whimsical ways of fashion trends.  I am passionately committed to making sure my clients always look their very best in order to help them achieve their personal and business goals.  If you have any questions or are interested in a personal consultation, please give Julie a call at 214-223-2200.