Dallas Fashion Consultant says: Keep your etiquette skills current

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Bartlett, of Colour IQ, says:  ‘Keeping your etiquette skills current will help you with referrals.’

Learning etiquette skills helps conversations to stay positive and on task.  Why?  Fewer distractions.  It’s difficult to stay engaged in conversation when someone is trying to talk with a mouth full of food, attempts to store the meal in their cheeks like a chipmunk, or eats off the table in addition to the plate.  Creating a relaxed dining experience means that everyone can enjoy the meal and the conversation.  So, take smaller bites…breathe…and know that dining with you will be an experience others will appreciate.


  • Introductions: When in a social setting a gentleman should rise, if sitting, and make proper introductions. Begin by saying, “Let me introduce you” or “Everyone, this is…” Don’t ask, “Do you know…?” The introduced parties may have met previously and one remembers but the other does not. Awkward. Stand when the lady leaves the table, whether you like her or not.
  • Open the Door: Opening a door of a building for a lady or child is an act of courtesy and nothing more or less. It is also proper for a gentleman to hold a door open for another man – again it is an act of courtesy.
  • Hats: Gentlemen should always remove their hats when entering someones home, a place of worship, public buildings, and when greeting a lady. Remember, caps are never appropriate in business settings with the exceptions of sporting events.
  • In Greeting: When greeting a lady in business or socially, always offer a handshake. Today this is totally acceptable. Women are fellow co-workers, administrators, managers, and owners. These ladies should be greeted with respect. In business or socially, gentlemen should refrain from hugging as it can be intimidating to others even though that is not the intention. Hugging should be practiced only with family members and very close friends.


  • Introductions: Ladies should always stand and introduce themselves when unaccompanied or in a business setting and when doing so offer a handshake. When meeting a gentleman socially it is not necessary for the lady to stand.
  • Through the Open Door: When a gentleman opens a door for a lady he does not know, remember that it is an act of courtesy. A smile and thank you is all that is necessary. If you are offended then just say ” After you.”  But, really, why be offended?
  • Language: One must always remember that how we are treated is often directly related to how we act. Ladies and gentlemen never use foul or vulgar language in mixed company or in public.

We have only scratched the surface of what is a glacier of information concerning proper etiquette and good manners. Let us help you confidently enter any social situation.

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