Corporate Connections Program:

Every day the people in your company make a statement
about your competency, values, and successes
by the way they dress and how they compose themselves.

Do you have a Corporate Dress Code? Does your employee attire align with your Corporate Core Values? Would you like to reduce visual distractions in the office and increase productivity? Would your staff benefit from learning specific tips to help them show up the way you would like them to? 

Connecting to the community also includes your Sales Team. Does your ideal client easily connect with your Sales Team? Closing a sale is easier when your sales person dresses confidently and competently. Sales teams increase sales revenues more easily when they know how to brand themselves well. 

As the President or Store Manager, do your employees consider your wisdom valuable?  Having information is not the only requirement for leadership – you also have to look like one.  Your Leaders will want you to take them to the next level of influence and performance.  

Julie Thurburn shares tips for successful thinking to create a close relationship with your Personal Brand and your Corporate Brand
so you look like you can do what you say you can do. 
As experts in Visual and Electronic Image Management we have the experience
to come in and provide the third party perspective that can make the difference between growth and struggle.

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Pricing dependent upon services provided.

Organizing Sales Agents is like herding cats.
Some like it organized to the point of paralysis. Some want to delegate all those pesky details.

What does it take to succeed?
Intention and Integrity create a path towards clarity, focus, and balance. 
Clarity for what actions to take and when.
Focus on the ‘what’s next’ action.
Balance leads to successful sales. 

Our six month Corporate Connections Program is designed to help your employees take clear, focused, and balanced actions in order to attract your ideal client and increase your business revenues.  We offer a six month program of one hour coaching sessions on the following subjects: 

  • create a personal strategy for success,
  • reduce revenue loss and get organized,
  • using social media marketing to increase market awareness,
  • CRM (Customer Referral Marketing),
  • understand the 8 Intelligences to communicate in your clients language better,
  • personal and business growth coaching

Meet our Coaches:

Julie Thurburn begins by teaching how to create a Personal Brand which will reflect your Corporate Brand and help your sales team more easily attract the ideal customer; your management staff have greater influence; and, your employees reduce those visual distractions in the office that reduce productivity by up to 30%. Stop settling on substandard morale and revenues, call today to get your program started.

Cherie Ware of Organize Your Environment, explains the cost of disorganization and offers tips on how to start and stay organized in the office.  Contact information: or 972-489-5947.

Eddie Reeves of Reeves Strategy Group, is an expert Social Media Strategist and knows how to help your employees think outside of the box when it comes to creating a high impact social media presence.  Contact information: or 214-236-0688.

Scott Degraffenreid is a Social Network Analyst and has created a CRM tool to help you increase your referral rate.  Learn how to increase your referrals. He also has systems to help you understand the millenial generation, and motivate your employees to greater productivity.  Contact information: or 972-742-8540.

Kenda-Le Pernin of Mark Kamin and Associates is a results-oriented business coach who creates a space for employees to step into a level of success they have always wanted to achieve through accountability.  Contact information: or 972-517-8313.

Dr Kathy Koch (pronounced “cook”) of Celebrate Kids Inc, author of How Am I Smart?, believes every potential client has eight different intelligences.  Which intellectual language does your ideal client speak most fluently? Your employees will better communicate with each person by understanding these smarts and how to engage them.  Contact information: or 817-238-2020.

Kelley Moore of See Your Possibilities. The University of Illinois calls Kelley a “powerful relationship strategist.” She calls herself a “Marine in Mom’s clothes.” As a Performance Coach, Kelley works with key executives to recognize, accept and develop their inherent potential and see their unique possibilities.  Her specialty is supporting these powerful leaders as they acquire the knowledge, skills and wisdom that enables them to be more productive, self-directed and passionate in their personal and professional lives.  Contact information: or 817-403-8402.

Let us design the perfect growth program for you! 

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