Dallas Fashion Expert applauds the uniform

Dallas Fashion Expert Julie Bartlett with Colour IQ applauds the uniform.

Have you ever wondered if uniforms actually benefit business?  I mean, really, what’s so important about a uniform?

For starters, you can earn more. Cindi Pearce, writer for Catalogs.Com, found that gardeners and landscapers in uniform earn more per hour than competitors not in uniform.   Plus, uniformed maintenance personnel have been shown to be able to ask for and receive a higher wage from clients and have a higher rate of repeat business.

You can impress your clients. Millions of Americans are in uniform and when kept clean and in proper condition uniforms show customers and clients that you are professional, organized and conscientious.

Employers can experience multiple benefits.  Uniforms eliminate dress competition among employees, achieve a sense of belonging to a team, and help clients feel more comfortable doing business with employees who present themselves as a professional.

So, what are the Elements of a Uniform?   

  1. Safety, Fit and Comfort
  2. Unifying Colors
  3. Simple and Readable LOGO
  4. Proper Foot Wear

Safety, Fit and Comfort – these  are the most essential parts of any uniform. Loose fitting clothing can be dangerous, becoming entangled or snared by moving parts. Uniforms should not be over-sized but fit each person properly in the right places. Shirt-tails should always be worn in, not just because it is more professional looking, but because of safety issues.

Colors matter!  Unifying colors are a part of the “theme” for any business. For example light/dark green colors are preferred by many lawn service businesses. Auto, appliance and electrical repair businesses often choose blue while home construction and repair often select tans or browns as their color palate.

For the most part, wild, bright or erratic colors should be avoided as these can often time-date the clothing or appear unprofessional.  Scrubs are the exception to this rule.  Wearing some positive energy into the medical facility helps reduce the stress your clients may feel.  Or, if you work with the visually impaired bright colors may help them ‘see’ you more easily.

What’s in a name?  Plenty.  Name tags and logos should be simple, easily read, memorable and  color friendly with the uniform. Your logo helps to establish a visual standard of excellence for your clients. It’s a visual that helps set you above your competition?

Your footwear should consider safety, comfort, and always be presentable as many workers are inside the home or auto of clients.  Entering with soiled or stained footwear that may transfer to furniture, rugs, or carpet leaves a dirty reminder of your visit.  Yuck!  Leave a great “last impression” by leaving out the footprints.

As your Dallas Fashion Expert, it is my mission to help my clients always look fabulous, without being a slave to the whimsical ways of fashion trends.  I am passionately committed to making sure my clients always look their very best in order to help them achieve their personal and business goals.  If you have any questions or are interested in a personal consultation, please give me a call at 214-223-2200.