Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Bartlett, talks about eyeglasses as jewelry for your face

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Bartlett, talks about eyeglasses as jewelry for your face.

I see you!  For some of us, that’s easier done with eyeglasses, than without.   Picking the right style sometimes requires an extra set of eyes – preferably those of one who likes you –   especially if your eyes are dilated after a check-up.   If, however, you’ve decided to shop solo and need some help knowing which pair to pick, then check out these guidelines:

Measure the shape of your face.  How do you do this?

  1. Measure it horizontally,   beginning at your forehead, then the top of your cheekbones, and lastly,   across the jawline.
  2. Now, measure it vertically from your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Determine the shape based on your measurements. Here are the 7 most common shapes:

Oval Shape…the length is 1 1/2 times longer than the width.

Round Shape…the length and width measurements are equal.

Square Shape…the forehead measurement and the jawline measurement are equal.

Heart Shape…the cheekbones (and/or the forehead) are the widest measurement, while the jawline is small and the chin is narrow.

Diamond Shape…the forehead and chin are narrow, while the widest measurement of the face is the cheekbones.

Rectangle Shape…are longer than they are wide, with the forehead and jawline being equal.

Pear or Pyramid Shape…narrowest at the forehead, wider at the cheekbones, and widest at the jawline.

Specmakers, a website dedicated to helping in the decision-making process when selecting frames over the internet, has this to say about face shapes and selecting the proper eyeglass frame:  There are seven basic shapes of which your face is one.   Here are suggestions on how to pick the perfect frame for your face shape:

Oval shaped faces are those with a rounded chin and forehead and appear longer than wide. Oval faces are considered ideal because of their balanced proportions and can wear most any frame shape. To help keep the balance the Oval shaped face offers, try frames that are as wide as the widest part of the face. Walnut shaped frames also work well with this shape face.

Round faces are those that appear circular in shape with full cheeks and a rounded chin with few or no angles. To make a round face appear longer, thinner and more proportional try frames that are angular and wider than they are deep. Rectangular shaped frames work well for those with a Round face.

Square shaped faces are those with a broad forehead, a strong jaw-line and square chin. To soften the lines of a square shaped face and make it appear longer try narrow frame styles that have more depth than width. Oval and round style frames work best for faces with a Square shape.

A Heart shaped face is broad at the forehead and narrows down to a much smaller-rounded chin. Heart-shaped faces will wish to minimize the width at the top of the face. Do this by using light-colored or rimless frames. Also try those frames which are wider at the bottom.

The Diamond shaped face exhibits a narrow forehead with widening cheekbones and then narrow chin. This is the most-rare of face shapes and Diamonds will wish to bring out cheekbones and highlight eyes. To help you accomplish this try rimless frames or those with distinctive brow lines. Also try frames that are oval or cat-eye shaped.

Rectangular shaped faces are longer top to bottom than they are wide. Rectangular faces will wish to gain balance by making the face appear wider. Try large-square frames that have contrasting or decorative temples.

Pear or Pyramid shaped faces appear very narrow at the forehead, widening at the cheekbones and wider again at the chin. Pear or Pyramid shapes will want to add width to and emphasize the forehead. Try frames with lots of color or detailing on the top part of the frame. Cat-eye shapes work well for the Pear or Pyramid face.

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